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DigitalWeb InstallWizard quickly creates setups, via an intuitive visual interface. Adding files, registry entries, and other elements is as easy as dragging and dropping them to the appropriate view. Most installations can be built within few minutes without any training.
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All basic features are available. Like registry modifications, INI-File modifications, Shortcuts, etc..

Now supports Windows 7 and Windows 8 !

Main Features:

-Windows Installer (MSI version only)
The Windows Installer service allows setup authors to provide installation benefits such as application auto-repair, install on demand, rollback after a failed installation, reduced file conflicts, and more. InstallWizard is an economical solution enabling users to leverage these Windows Installer benefits, without learning all the details of the technology. InstallWizard provides an intuitive interface that requires no direct table editing or scripting.

-Customize the installation User Interface
InstallWizard let's you take the control of your installation. You can control dialog sequence and create your own dialogs.

-The fastest way to create an installation
Very simple wizard interface. Design and modify your setup without writing a single line of code! Create your installation in 1 minute.

-Internationalization with language support
Choose one of 12 languages when starting a project. Plus, dialog text can be exported for translation into any language - even double-byte languages. ENGLISH, PORTUGUESE, SPANISH, ITALIAN, FRENCH, GERMAN, ESTONIAN, POLISH, DANISH, FRENCH, CHINESE and SWEDISH. Also features ANSI and UNICODE double-characters for CHINESE, ARABIC, HEBREW (for msi projects). Also, you can enable the auto-detect feature that automatically detects the current OS language for your setup.

-Third party support
With a single click InstallWizard can install .NET Framework, MDAC and many others third party applications.

-File Action
Add your custom executable, DLL, VB Script or JavaScript file to create a custom action for your installation. These actions can be used for anything from displaying a readme file to deleting registry entries. It is possible to get the HANDLE of installation and access everything to customize your installation.